A Margin in Time

A Margin in Time

An inept sheriff who can’t shoot, ride or spit worth a damn…

Facing the bankruptcy of the family business, J. Barrett Callan accepts his great-great-grandfather’s offer to exchange places in time in hopes he can change his future by fixing the past. But if anything, his troubles compound when he ends up in the mining town of Margin, Colorado as an inept sheriff who can’t shoot, ride or spit worth a damn.

There he encounters a “spinster” who serves as the local schoolmarm because the townspeople would never accept her as the doctor she’s trained to be. Will they be able to find a love while working together to keep Margin safe from rampaging miners, crooked investors and a boozy visitor from the future far beyond the 21st century? 

If you love Doctor Who, Quantum Leap and the Back to the Future trilogy, you’ll love A Margin in Time.  

“…the first book I’ve read in years that I wish I’d written.” 
—Sherilynn Kenyon, #1 New York Times  bestselling author 

“Like the delightful TV series, Quantum Leap, A Margin in Time places a modern man in a perplexing situation and as we sit back and watch the fireworks, the love and laughter unfurl…Combining concepts culled from the finest in fantasy (from Star Trek to Back to the Future  and H.G. Wells) she brings readers a true gem of a tale.”
 —RT Book Reviews 

“Ms. Hayden ingeniously combines time travel with a tongue-in-cheek dime-western plot…an outrageously entertaining book.” 
—Paperback Forum 

“Fireworks of the most delightful kind! Laura Hayden has written a charmer!” 
—Rosalyn Alsobrook, bestselling author of Beyond Forever

“Clever, witty, with endearing characters and a town peopled with genuine eccentrics…”
—GEnie Romance Exchange Reviewer

A Margin in Time

A Margin in Time | | 4.5