DK Rome City Guide

DK Rome City Guide

The DK Rome City Guide brings stunning images, lively illustrations and enhanced visual content to life on the iPad, with flexible itineraries that allow you to do as much or as little as you like. Attractive photography and illustrations rich in detail allow you to explore Rome, giving you the sense that you’re already there before you have reached your destination.

Interactive widgets add additional detail to the sights, through videos, tours and stunning image galleries. You can choose how much information you want to look at, and how you view it: as part of the main page, or pinching it open to display full page. You’ll find:

– Pinch-to-zoom, scrollable maps that allow you to navigate your way easily around the city.

– Photo galleries with wonderful images that can be expanded to full screen revealing informative captions.

– Interactive tours of key sights – simply swipe the screen to be led through one of Rome’s main historic sights.

– Some major sights also have Highlights widgets that can be opened full screen. Tap or swipe to zoom across one of our beautiful illustrations, revealing fascinating details about the building and additional images.

– Video includes fantastic aerial views of key sights, while feature pages are animated with enjoyable videos showing you a snippet of a parade or event.

The itinerary structure is ideal to help you plan your trip, quickly and easily. The “By Area” itineraries cover the must-see sights, while feature pages provide context on related topics, such as Renaissance Rome and the city by season. “By Interest” itineraries are for anyone who wants to explore or enjoy a specific aspect of the city, for example the ancient city, art and shopping or family fun. The “By Day” itineraries are catered to the reader who has a weekend, three days or five days in the city.

There is also helpful practical information and travel tips, as well as plenty of eating and drinking options. Tap on the colourful buttons to reveal extra information and more sights.

Beautifully presented, packed with information and easy to use, DK Rome City Guide is the perfect travel companion for anyone who wants to make the most productive and enjoyable use of their time while on holiday.

Newly updated content for 2013.

DK Rome City Guide

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